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A Tribe For Women Rocking It In Supply Chain

Why You'll Love Being A Part of Our Tribe

We get it – women representation in supply chain is low. And navigating the field comes with it its own set of quirks. That’s why we’re creating this awesome little corner of the internet. No fuss, no fees, just us talking shop and lifting each other up.

Here’s What We’re All About


We want this to be our trusted circle. What’s shared in our meetings stays within our community, providing a secure platform for open discussions and genuine advice. 

Community First

Our monthly virtual meet-ups are just the start. We're here to adapt and grow together, valuing every member’s voice in shaping our path. 

Genuine Support

We're committed to creating a space where each one of us flourishes, supporting one another's success every step of the way. 

You'll Be A Perfect Fit If...

New to the Game?
Jump in! There's so much to learn and we've got the insights you need.

Got Stories to Share?
We’re all ears. Your experiences are what make this community rich.

A Seasoned Pro?
Your wisdom is our treasure. Come mentor and inspire.

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We can't wait to have you on board.

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